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In 2017, the han river water in xi 'an

Date: 2015-01-25

Han dhi nutrient-laden project proposal, project environmental impact book, engineering construction land pre-trial and feasibility study report for examination and approval, "han dhi nutrient-laden project" the required 15 QianZhiXing file, each one got the approval of ministries, this means that finally stepped into the stage of full implementation of the project.
The project is mainly on the hanjiang river within the territory of the county building Huang Jinxia reservoir, in tunnel by yellow water into the han river tributaries meridian river three river reservoir, after three river reservoir regulation, the han river water by the qinling tunnel at the northern foot of qinling ranges from crossing in southern shaanxi qinling to heihe river gold basin reservoir, then access the guanzhong water supply engineering system. Project water diversion in xi 'an in 2017. Han nutrient-laden engineering, can meet the xi 'an, xianyang, weinan, yangling four key cities and along the wei river on both sides of the 11 county, six industrial park of life and industrial water, make the loss of water from 300 to 5 million mu of cultivated land of the irrigation can be filled.
In addition, han dhi nutrient-laden engineering can also add 7 to 800 million cubic meters to the wei river ecological water, increase the amount of water available and weihe river, the river flow downstream of weihe river sediment deposition and alleviate flood control pressure; And greatly improve the three river and hanjiang river Huang Jinxia reservoir under the river flood control ability.
At present, han dhi nutrient-laden have gradually started to build power lines, access road, etc., in qinling tunnel the mountains paragraph 11 blocks, have been into the main hole construction. Qinling tunnel main hole excavation length is more than a third, nearly ninety percent have been digging a hole. Machine construction period, the ridge north has the 1154 meters, the lingnan the formal heading.