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CCTV into the xi 'an film ink painting and calligraphy ink's story

Date: 2014-12-12

"Was only going to photograph a week, but the city's high-rise buildings, streets hiding so much ink story, so many calligraphy and painting." This channel is CCTV science and education "ink China" director shi lei issued a sigh. Recently, he took his crew into the xi 'an, look for related to calligraphy painting, by replacing ink moving stories and cultural relics, spent three weeks for still wanting more.
After come to xi 'an, benji academies and the crew went into the forest of steles, walls, doors, hui street, feeling the historical and cultural connotation of xi 'an, also went into many ordinary people home, understand their stories with pen and ink painting and calligraphy. Ancient paper-making inheritance in changan north village zhang meet learn old man home, the film crew took three days, all the recorded "being out of paper, water curtain" of the han dynasty the papermaking process, also recorded the last batch of folk artists and confusion. In youth calligrapher wang home, crew captured wang ancestors left copybook. "My ancestors in stagnation period, qing dynasty LinXi c, now I'm still LinXi c. Ink painting spirit relate us, also give I insist." Wang said.