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City of the sui and tang dynasties prosperous time and the world

Date: 2014-08-14

"Qinchuan male emperor curtilage, functional GuZhuang huang ju. Yee temple qianhe, detached palace more than one hundred d. Even the south yao han, fly guan ling xu. Cloud day hidden layer deficiency and specific yee shu." Emperor taizong account a "royal plaza", to their reigns for the heroic magnificent verve, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese writing brush, depict the spectacle and the style of the tang dynasty capital changan.
Tang changan's predecessor, is the beginning of the sui dynasty YuWenKai presided over the construction of large xing-cheng, yuanhe disposition record said: "all SuiShi camp, YuWenKai rosefinch high street north and south have six, as the originality of the like, so to contenders palace, when the emperor's habitat, JiuSan state department, to be a gentleman, your men, not to ordinary people in, so buy the xuan view and promotes good temple in town." Meaning reference Zhou Yixiang number theory, according to dry six hexagram, capital general layout design.
Tang Changan outside the range and position of the outer city wall, in the 1950 s and early '60 s has also been proven in the archaeological excavations. According to the sui book ", "tang six standard", "changan", lydda figure by proof, that changan volunteers, "changan chi figure", "the city two fang tang test" the book of records, chang 'an "things wide step 18 in one hundred and fifteen, north and south long ten miles one hundred and seventy steps, Saturday 17th, its a post, the eight feet". Mileage in the tang dynasty, in a big range is 360 steps, leijiacha etc 300 steps for a; Big feet of 12 ", small feet 10 inches, tang chang 'an building with large range and large scale or after calculation, the total length of the wall wall has reached 36 kilometers, this 1300 years ago, is a grand project of the only one like you.