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Leave xi 'an know what is called ShiBuZhiWei

Date: 2014-07-15

Someone asked me, xi 'an really so good? I wanted to think, if put aside a thief in the xi 'an, considered the railway station, a taxi to collect fees in disorder, such as habits, xi 'an is really a nice place! There are ancient wall, east street, a small village, there are hui street food, and small village girl is hot, xi 'an boy's family.
Every city has its good actually, had it bad. The reason we think of a place, not because it is busy, perhaps more importantly, here is the care of memory, there is the way you walk through, there is life in the most beautiful smile.
From shanxi to go out, if it is three days eat noodles, will feel uncomfortable, if go out ten days and a half months, return to a home for his first meal must be, and will even eat a few bowl, do not enjoy refused to give up.