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YouXiAn ancient city Product is the long lasting appeal

Date: 2014-09-21

If you want to travel to the north, xi 'an is one of the city will go, the ancient capital of the precipitation in one thousand the long history of Chinese culture, is also very well explain the characteristics of northern cities.To meet the rising sun, set foot on ancient city wall, you can see the whole city central axis, on both sides of the neat buildings, extremely rich aesthetic feeling.Wild goose pagoda, the bell tower, drum tower, shaanxi history museum...In the ancient city of xi 'an area play down one day, the night is gradually strong, quickly came to the local hui food court, eat a bowl of steaming meat clip buns, eyeing a traditional shadow play, enjoy the wonderful time travel.If you don't enjoy playing, you can also drive to qin shihuang terracotta warriors and huashan play!

Range: the ancient city wall is of great wild goose pagoda in xi 'an

Ancient city wall, bell tower, drum tower these buildings are a sign of xi 'an, but to say one of the most famous must also belong to the wild goose pagoda.

Wild goose pagoda, it is the symbol of the city of xi 'an, seeing it, heart a little shocked, feel the building of the beauty of simple and plain.Looking from a distance, can see a seven layer stands among trees.It was built in the tang dynasty, xuan zang wizard for sacrifice from India to Buddha, andother and classic Sanskrit, put up a 2-foot-tall tower in the temple west DaYuan.In folk have "wild goose pagoda, not to xian", the early tang dynasty actually it is the famous tourist attraction, there is a lot of literati, monks come.


Liangpi, bubble, dried beef delicacies

In the ancient city of xi 'an to play for a day, tired, to enjoy the moment of food.In xi 'an, in the evening around one of the most famous hui street, along the way all kinds of snacks make a person dazzling.This street snacks, not only families brand stores also has distinguishing feature very much.Shouting to enthusiasm of hui people in business, they read the recipe special tongue, like singing a little song.

The hui people in the street, there are hundreds of kinds of snacks, often can see a small shop, line for more than ten meters long, shops, in a big way for visitors to have picked up the camera.Here the most famous is the "la cattle, sheep, selected the beef, lamb, meat tight, not fat is not greasy, bite, in the mouth chewing, for a moment the fragrance of beef into the nose.If you like to eat pasta, to xi 'an can don't miss, a bowl of steaming hot bubble on the taste.

Liangpi, meat clip buns is not strange to many people, in the southern city of also can eat, but the real authentic liangpi, meat clip buns taste is very good.In xi 'an liangpi have four, five, such as face, skin, rolling face, sesame catsup liangpi, etc., there is a big open horizon feeling, that in xi 'an to eat sesame catsup mooring is missing today.