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Date: 2015-02-11

We set out the kunlun trust cup of silk road, the sun officially unveiled
- riding first visit shaanxi sales ring north road station
Early on July 9, 2012, a timely rain from the sky, a wash of xi 'an days of hot heat, kunlun trust for sun international hotel in xi 'an cup opening ceremony of the silk road sunlight for the finals to send a wisp of cool and refreshing, good let college students from all over the world the rider can relaxed, really is a good rain season, when the summer is happening. Eight o 'clock in the morning, according to the xi 'an local folk custom, in a happy drums kicked off the starting up ceremony, ready for the challenge the rider together, hundreds of people of many foreign tourists and the hotel is more sound to entertain, when two lion exult bouncing on the high and low column exult bouncing, caused more full.
8 a.m., attend the launch ceremony of leadership dress for all parties. Shaanxi tourism leaders spoke first thank the host to the theme of the silk road culture inheritance. Xi 'an Zheng Ge to sunshine hotel general manager as the first reception on the activity of flag affixed with treasure to the successful completion of the printing and inscription wish activities. Kunlun trust co., LTD. Li li, director of financial services center sent a cycling equipment on behalf of a gift to his team member. After experiencing Chen Fulu gave at the sunshine hotel group vice President, 23 students enthusiasm to meet wind and rain is still on the road of the rider.
At round hill road out of town, shaanxi oil sales companies in China under the leadership and staff of the early preparation of supplies, waiting for the students through here, to send their heartfelt greetings and blessing, about ten o 'clock cycling team arrived in xian shaanxi sales branch huancheng north road station, recuperation and supplies here.
Shaanxi youth corps committee secretary of the sales and webmasters were college students around the communication, the secretary patience to explain the sales and some of the company's sales situation in xian, shaanxi province, model specification and site staff to the students refueling process. But because must continue to move forward in the rain, in order to complete the daily itinerary, the classmates said goodbye huancheng north road station, also to say goodbye to xi 'an this historical names, continue on a journey.
Beautiful scenery along the way after the rain and the cool wind blow away the exhaustion of the players, the first day everyone keep advancing steadily in bicycle lanes security unified formation, poor physical players since there will be ride a team to take care of, steady progress of a node to a node.
Finally arrived safely at nine in the evening the first stop in long distance this in shaanxi province, China. Local restaurant sister-in-law heard is a college student so feat of cycling, enthusiastic work again, and promised to pasta dinner prepared Fried meat absolute filling is not free to add, must ask you to eat to eat well.
Late, the rest, I ride the players, and adventure waiting for you tomorrow. Peace be to you...
In a happy drums in the launching ceremony began