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Sunshine 2012 silk road line

Date: 2012-06-29

Activity is introduced
A profile, a brief introduction
Sunshine 2012 "silk road" by the Beijing university bicycle association, CPC sunshine international travel agency launched, dominated by Beijing university bicycle association implementation, colleges and universities across the country more actively involved in a large linkage of social practice. Expedition to xi 'an, at the end of dunhuang, way, jiayuguan, lanzhou city, over the qilian mountain, nearly 1900 kilometers, the total mileage journey (yumen) "understanding oilman" link, deep oil Wells to college students, understand the oil industry history, observe the oil workers hard. This activity conducted by CPC sunshine CITS online registration, in Beijing, nanjing, shenzhen, chengdu, xian, xiamen and so on six to sunshine hotel selection, ultimately selected 20-30 people, led by Beijing university, the national college students, on July 9, from xi 'an to start the "silk road, the sun line" expeditionary riding, as a contemporary college students to provide a far-reaching social practice activities, establish a profound friendship between enterprises and universities.
Second, the purpose and meaning
1, make contemporary college students to face contact oil workers hard, understand the oil industry history;
2, guide contemporary college students to contact with the west, western thinking, in the future in the construction of the west;
3, provide contemporary outstanding college students a good social practice and exercise opportunity;
4, through the media spread across the country, this activity is to strengthen the construction of brand;
5, help enterprise discovery and excavation of excellent talents in colleges and universities;
6, improve the enterprise cultural exchange and cooperation between the school.
Three, the execution details arrangement
1. The active process
1.1 site to sign up, fill in the data;
1.2 online audition (audition vote);
1.3 determine the candidate players each substation (20);
1.4 candidate players in recent RACES, fill out the application form, responsibility, etc.;
1.5 candidate players in each of the RACES for the first round of selection (physical fitness test);
1.6 candidate players in each of the RACES to attend the second round of selection (correct), it is concluded that primary players;
1.7 primary players participated in the finals in xi 'an selection, determine the players;
1.8 training, goods distribution, etc.;
1.9 start ceremony, pay the car flag;
1.10 set out in accordance with the planned route;
1.11 arrived in lanzhou sunshine hotel, arrange the welcome ceremony, the leaders meet, buffet party;
1.12 arrived in yumen, arrange the tour for yumen oilfield, understand the oil industry history;
1.13 arrived in dunhuang sunshine hotel, arrange the welcome ceremony, independent party;
1.14 activity ended, arrangement of return;
1.15 all team members in Beijing, to carry out the activity summary, souvenirs.
2. Team personnel
By the youth elegant demeanor on behalf of the Chinese college students of Beijing university and other colleges and universities students.
2.1 a captain, vice captain
A a, 2.2 QianQi QianQi assistant
A a, 2.3 HouQi HouQi assistant
A 2.4 maintenance technician
2.5 a
2.6 the team doctor
2.7 a financial management
2.8 the players number