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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
Сианьский международный солнечный отель (Grand Soluxe International Hotel Xi'an), отель расположен в северном секторе оживленной торговой улицы города сиань, рядом с стеной древних городов и национальным парком памятников дворца мин.рядом есть автобусы и железнодорожные станции, линия метро 1, станция пересадки 4 и много автобусных станций.от метро до вокзала около 350 метров, от остановки автобуса до аэропорта около 200 метров, от колокольни до барабанной башни около 10 минут езды.есть известные туристические достопримечательности терракотовая армия, храм фамэнь, гора Хуашань и гора тайбайшань, туристические автобусы, есть площадь ваньда, универмаг народного творчества, каникулы в айдане и другие торговые зоны, есть улица Хуэйминь, дом юнсин, вечерний рынок восточно - Новой улицы и другие известные гастрономические кварталы.отель расположен под китайским нефтяным флагом, Группа управления гостиницей « солнышко» Ооо, высотой 12 этажей, с множеством китайских, изящных и удобных номеров.удобное и просторное жилье, изящный гантанский стиль, роскошная мебель среднего типа.административный этаж люкс специально для достижения более высокого стандарта персональных услуг и этикета клиентов дизайн.Кроме того, отличный выбор для отдыха и развлечений.отель чистый, чистый, уютный и комфортабельный, удобное расположение для гостей из гостиницы WIFI, подземная стоянка, спортзал, обслуживание в отеле очень внимательное и внимательное.
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  • E00990375
    It wasn't too bad
  • ergin2323
    Clean, clean, comfortable, convenient
  • e00433575
    Hotel looks good ' convenient ' is near from the bus stations
  • appletin
    Very good, noisy surroundings, opposite the railway station, hotel very good
  • Lucyluo
    Take advantage of the long weekend to Xian travel, traffic is very convenient staying here, facilities are good and satisfied!
  • comet
    Environment is good, only downside is at the railway station, too many people are too complex! hotel was very nice
  • cmc168
    Very close to the station, the transportation is convenient, where area
  • cly0121
    With a fall
  • e00188368
    This hotel good facilities perfect complete the main room is big enough and clean, the only downside is looking for driving us to the train station the man downstairs miscellaneous
  • stonelaw
    Really good, really good ... will live in the future.
  • dieselstation
    The transportation is very convenient! hotels were very good in all aspects! for our tourists, Lu is not found, look up can see the logo! of the hotel is amazing!
  • GloriaM
    Lot next to the railway station is too noisy and dirty surroundings. room is quite large, very good.
  • larryjin
    Hotel is near the train station, convenient
  • ABI_Steven
    Comfort Hotel car rental easy.
  • luda1990
    First times travel to Xian, while is I first times staying your hotel, feel Hotel overall environment are very good, to here message is because your hotel has bit should called Guo Xinyu (name not know whether right) of reception very of Nice, I staying Shi need set two between room at only a Zhang ID, normally for is cannot registration staying of, should for customer is to shop, and cannot let customer service payment, the front desk is good of for I solution ofThe problem, and when she learned that I need to receive customers, offered me into the Executive Suite, thank you very much for your hotel's front desk, as well as your hotel service personnel help! P.S ... If your evening buffet at the hotel could be better, could I team during their stay more often see empty pots and cans, hoping to improve. All in all, I am very pleasure thanks for the feeling of staying at your hotel,Thank you for your NICE hotel front desk!
  • leemiaoyi
    Hotel was good, next to the train station
  • cc1981
    Hotel is located in the city centre, next to the train station, car door a bit messy, but easily accessible, easy to eat, beside the DiCOS, Kentucky Fried chicken and McDonald's. walked a few steps to see the gates. rooms, health is very good, very level, service, not to mention, next time will stay in XI ' an.
  • rongyun123
    Overall it is a good
  • maiinverse
    At the train station on the edge of ... convenient. room new. quiet. less facilities. the hotel bar closes at nine o'clock.
  • funan742003
    Very good service, very nice room, health is very good, highly recommended.
  • a521441314
    Very good hotel! great! five junction shopping district a few minutes to walk.
  • lonelytree
    Cash back, location OK
  • gula007
    That's good!
  • e02041700
    Location, near from the railway station.
  • canonlin
    Hotel is very good, thought at the train station would be noisy, in fact not, sound very good. it is convenient, affordable!
  • babysissi
    All right!
  • joyway123
    Overall highly recommended and very close to the train station, easy to travel.
  • e02082667
    Near from the railway station, in a quiet, affordable, clean, and convenient transportation, dinner is very convenient, is a very suitable for family holiday breaks hotels
  • m00234731
    Nice hotel with convenient transit
  • gml0131
    For customers, said feedback is very good.
  • David Lui
    Air conditioning is too cold
  • nonameleeeva
    Hotels near Xian railway station is the best! very close to the train station, traveling convenient! good hotel, well-equipped! nice ~ online reservation in hotel lobby bar or take a drink
  • liujintc
    Hotel location is very good, at the train station on the edge, take the train to Hua Shan yan an easy. the hotel is very clean, is the bad sound effects, loud in the corridor, in general good.
  • alangolem
    Patrons say no more
  • anan_xia
    Following no more than 10 minutes ' walk from the train station to the hotel, helpful staff, clean, quite new, hot water is very good. traffic around the hotel is very convenient, very clean.
  • gaofeivideo
    Clean prices are comfortable ... very close to the train station. is very good.
  • drogendreame
    Feel good, service very good, health is also good, very clean
  • li_do
    Are very satisfied with the
  • ading511
    Room size with pictures serious inconsistent, traffic not convenient, near railway station of road is blocking. with past Sun hotel of impression apart is far. not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended! not recommended!
  • jole08
    So, you won't live
  • e00799307
    All right
  • cola2
    Overall good
  • jessie1991
    Services environment can cost well
  • e00815773
    At this price the Hotel feels a word--values. just across the railway station, station look up and you will see hotel, hotel facilities are relatively complete and upscale, warm and thoughtful service, waiters say 'Hello', the room was big and very clean. around the bus station, bus station and various types of food, it's very convenient.
  • crystalnb
    Which is very nice
  • Cenbralia
    Convenient, good sanitation.
  • e00004068
    Hotel location is very good, tourist traffic is very convenient for shopping. new facilities, guests less than expected, and service not with expensive restaurant, heated hot enough or the recommended hotels.
  • bobo331
    Good location, nice room smaller.
  • cutesungirl
    Good hotel, next stay! nice! to the airport is also very convenient!